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Killer Treats at Mochinut in Bothell

This post is LONG overdue. I visited the Mochinut in Bothell,  down in Canyon Park (close to Taco Time) and I was blown away. They are located at 1427 228th St SE Suite D- 4, Bothell, WA 98021 and opened back in July 2023. They are open from 11am-8pm every day.

First, if you have kids, this is a great place to bring them for after school snack and weekend treats. Everything I had at Mochinut was top notch and delicious. I will got into what I had in a bit.

Before I let the owners know I was coming, I checked out the place. I like to typically see a place first hand before I meet with the restaurant owner, kind of incognito. When you walk in, it has a great, clean kind of vibe. Reminds me of some of the other types of shops popping up that are trendy food places. 

The staff was super friendly and explained how to order and the specials. There are so many cool treats here, you almost get overwhelmed. 

What made me come down initially was that I heard they had a flaming hot Cheetos covered Korean Ricedog. Love flaming hot Cheetos, love corndogs…so why not right?

I was AWESOME. So good. It tasted exactly how you think it would taste. It was good. Now should you eat one of these bad boys every day? Probably not, but like I said, if you are looking for a treat, Mochinut doesn’t disappoint.

The flavors they have at Mochinut in Bothell change all the time in fact they rotate some of their products in weekly, so you never really know what will be down there. I guarantee you, you will find something you like.

After finishing that ricedog I started looking around for my next delicious victim. 

Flaming hot cheetos covered corndog from Mochinut in Canyon Park Bothell

Mochinut in Bothell has so many things to choose from and are most well known for their Mochi Donuts. Their donuts are not your typical donuts. Mochi donuts, also known as poi mochi, are a fusion pastry crossing traditional American doughnuts and Japanese mochi. The mochi donuts’ “hybrid batter makes for a doughnut that is fluffy and moist, with a satisfying chew”. They are something different. Kind of crunchy and chewy at the same time. The dough is made from a rice flour.

My next victim was the pistachio creamcake donut. I ate that thing so fast…it was fresh, crunchy and chewy at the same time. My first experience with a Mochinut donut and I will never forget it. Another thing I liked about the donut was that it wasn’t very heavy and filling. I could absolutely eat 5 of these things.

I heard that they rice flour they use has a lot less gluten than typical donuts, but they are not 100% gluten free. 


The owners (who are super cool) of the Bothell location live in Kirkland and have a store in Kirkland as well. Each of their stores rotate in flavors and products independently.

The Bothell location has much more than just insane types of corndogs and donuts. They also serve Mochinut Balls, which I have not tried yet. Soft Serve, tons of different Boba Tea, other apps like fries, tater tots and poppin chicken (like little chicken nuggets).

They also have a cool “selfie wall” that when you tag them, you can see you post scroll on the screen. Pretty cool. 

Mochinut in Bothell - Mochinut bar


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