Visiting Northshore

Visiting Northshore is easy. It is just Northeast of Seattle. Just head to Bothell, Kenmore or Woodinville.

To get to Northshore, just head Northeast of Seattle. You will find our Northshore community wedged right on top of Lake Washington. 

Our neighborhood cities include Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville.

So what is so special about our Northshore community? Well, how much time do you have buddy? Here is why I think Northshore is one of the greatest places to live in the Pacific Northwest: We have Kenmore, Bothell and Woodinville. Plain and simple. Here are some special things about each of these great Northshore communities:

Bothell Washington

Bothell is known for many things, but first and foremost is our main street shopping and food. 

We have great other neighborhoods like Canyon Park and Thrashers Corner which each have something special about them. 

Kenmore Washington

Kenmore is known for it’s great breweries, food, boating activities and of course PNW Kenmore Air. Fly into Kenmore from many locations. Here is some additional information that makes Kenmore great: 

Woodinville Washington

Woodinville is know for it’s famous wineries and great food. From world renown wines and food, Woodinville is a special place to visit. here is why we think Woodinville rocks:

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